Successful home loans scheme is set to be expanded

A LOAN scheme which lets people on low incomes borrow up to half the price of a house is being expanded.

Amber Valley Borough Council has previously offered the scheme to people in Belper but said it proved so successful it will be offered in Alfreton, Langley Mill and Somercotes.

A spokesman for the council said the three areas have been chosen for the same scheme as they contain the lowest proportion of homeownership in Amber Valley. Under the scheme, the council lends buyers up to 50% of the value of a property, with a maximum loan value of Pounds 45,000.

This means houses worth up to Pounds 90,000 are eligible and only households with an annual income of Pounds 30,000 or less can apply.

That cash does not have to be repaid until there is a change in ownership of the property, it is no longer a residential dwelling or it is no longer the applicant's main home.

Anyone interested in applying should contact Sue Li at Amber Valley Borough Council on 01773 841340.


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