Kabila's Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo

Kabila's Congo - Democratic Republic of Congo Tube. Duration : 17.42 Mins.

June 1999 Following Kabila's takeover, Kinshasa's unpaid and undervalued middle classes urgently want a better life. We examine the future of a new regime which rode to power promising real change. At informal 'street parliaments', the educated classes scrutinise every aspect of Kabila's rule and what they find makes them nervous - they're awaiting democracy and jobs. In one group lawyers and doctors gather for anxious political debate. At Kinshasa's version of Wall Street, located on a muddy road, American dollars change hands for local currency during vigorous trading: official banks have little or no cash. American-educated Deogratias Baharama works unpaid at the dilapidated Ministry of Agriculture. His wife Jean sells beans at market just to keep their dingy home. Finance Minister Mwampanga Mwana Nanga wants to kick start the economy but has a problem, "I need hard cash. I need money", he sighs. A printing press still churns out sheets of virtually worthless paper money. At a political rally Laurent Kabila provokes a frenzy with a promise to end unemployment. Though wary of the future, people are, for now, prepared to 'wait and see'. Produced by ABC Australia Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

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