Troubleshooting Prevalent Troubles with Your AC Device

If you have not nevertheless checked out your air conditioner this calendar year, proper now is the time to do so since summertime is correct close to the corner. Theres seriously almost nothing worse than sweating it out in the middle of July because you didnt just take the time to spot some complications with your cooling method just before the heat hit.
Ideally, all is well with your AC device, but if you do learn that some thing is wrong, verify out these actions you can get to troubleshoot and probably even maintenance your air conditioner by yourself.
AC unit repair 300x300 Troubleshooting Common Problems with Your AC Unit

Not Blowing Chilly Air

This is one of the most typical AC problems, but unfortunately, there is not one, uncomplicated answer. You will need to have to check out the state of a number of factors ahead of you can determine what the problem is.
  • Air filter Most individuals are aware that they must modify the ACs filter, but may possibly not know how often this needs to be carried out. You must follow your suppliers instructions, but typically air filters want to be modified at least after a month in order to make certain maximum cooling power. Test your filter for grime and debris and change it if required.
  • Dirty device Occasionally the cooling energy of the AC may not be working properly since of dirty condenser coils on your ACs outside the house device. Examine the coils and their housing for dust and grime. If you discover any, change off the electric power to your unit by switching the breaker and use a brush or rag to cleanse it.
  • Reduction of coolant Air conditioning coolant, or Freon, is what is utilized to great the air that flows into your home. Sad to say, it can leak out in excess of time. If you suspect that this is the dilemma, you should simply call an AC restore support to get the Freon replaced. You are not able to do it oneself because you need to have a allow from the EPA to perform with Freon.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a different widespread dilemma that can lead to in depth hurt if it is not looked at promptly. A properly performing AC device should never ever have frozen pipes, so if you see this with your unit, you know that some thing is not appropriate.
  • Blocked air movement Frozen pipes usually come about when there is something blocking or limiting the air stream in the ducts. Examine for obstructions in the duct get the job done which includes collapsed duct operate. After clearing any blockages, allow your AC to thaw out prior to trying to run it once more.
  • Badly working blower motor. You will probable want a expert AC support to check this out. Substitute the motor, if required, before this gets to be a a lot more severe challenge.


Examine your outdoors device for leaks. If you observe any water about it, this could be a sign of a problem, as commonly the condensation that is taken out from your residence will drain into the condensation pan. Have an AC fix qualified just take a look to see if everything is improper.
You need to verify out your AC at least as soon as a yr to make certain that almost everything is working effectively. If you suspect that something is amiss, get it taken treatment of by somebody ahead of you have to deal with a non- operating air conditioner afterwards.
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