Steps to a Successful Home Loan Modification Or Loan Restructure

The step by step process will be explained for you here, this may help you complete a modification if you have the time to spend on actually getting it done yourself.

A successful modification can be completed for you by a professional within roughly 90 days as the experience and the man power on doing and completing this process the right way is already known and practiced daily.

Home Loan

- Get the loan modification forms that will be required by your lender. Financial statement, hardship affidavit, hardship explanation letter

- income documentation-paycheck stubs, W2's, tax returns, award letters, bank statements

- Get out your monthly bills-itemize your expenses and you should be as accurate as possible

- Now complete your financial statement by itemizing your household gross income and your monthly expenses.

- Fine tune your financial statement with any changes required so that you know your budget fits into the approval guidelines based on your banks requirements.

- Put together all of the forms, income and asset documentation, hardship letter and organize them into a folder for handy reference (this part is critical because if you do not make it "easy for the bank" they will put your file to the side and not even contact you).

- Now, call your lender and tell them you want to apply for a loan modification or a loan restructure, have all of your prepared financial information and documents ready so you are prepared to give them your accurate and acceptable information in the proper order as they require you to do so.

Steps to a Successful Home Loan Modification Or Loan Restructure


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