Houses and Homes: Buying or Selling

Reading through the classifieds to find properties for your investment portfolio, you will find the mention of a fireplace in every property a seller wants to move. That's because a fireplace makes all the difference in the world and only property owners who are into real estate for value understand this important point. It's called the difference between a house and a home.

When you are selling your property, you may have attachments to it. You may have years invested into that property. You might have raised your kids there. It could have been the first property you ever bought. And in the back yard is where you buried your old dog.

All of those memories add value to your home. This kind of value goes beyond the actual value of the home. You have to remember that information when you are dealing with an appraiser. They will come through and look at your home as a piece of property. The crack on the bedroom door that you think is cute because of the story that goes behind it will cause the appraiser to lower the value of your home. Of course the door is not much, but the overall principle is at work there.

When a buyer comes into view your home, they might see it as a house. An ingenious seller can bring the life out in the house and make the buyer start to see your property as a home.

"How many kids do you have?"


"Oh, they will love this home because there are three bedrooms. They'll each get their own room. Kids love that when they can have some privacy."

And the conversation goes on from there. A good real estate agent will use every choice they can to make a house seem more like a home. When a buyer can start to see the value as a home, they are more likely to buy.

But, a property without a fireplace is hard to sell as a home. Family evenings take place around a fireplace. Most of the time, that's the family dog's favorite place to lie. A fireplace really sells a home.

A simple investment as little as $300 into a vent less gel fireplace can raise the value of your home a few thousand. It's not a dollar for dollar investment. The ambiance of a fireplace adds value exponentially.

Real estate agents of Condominium units and apartment units have slowly picked up on the fact that buyers want fireplaces. The vent less gel fireplace is the solution because each fireplace is freestanding and wouldn't have to be vented through other fireplaces, which actually causes more problems than it is worth. The vents on traditional fireplaces would have to be in sync which would cause either a cold apartment for one dweller or a smoky apartment for another dweller.

The simple addition of a fireplace will not only raise the value of your home, but it will move it. When the market is tight, you have to make your property stand out. It's not too hard when you add a vent less gel fireplace to any room in your home.

Refreshing Timisoara Lounge Style Hiding Trombones In the Toilet

Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 20 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge in Timisoara’s not long ago renovated Theresia Bastion captures the essence of relaxation in a very carefully developed area. In this new city atmosphere that encompasses the original Vauban style bastion built about three hundreds of years back, a up to date, refined lounge welcomes visitors with an impressive interior style and design hosted in the shell of an inspiring historical building. Imagined by Stefan Lazar and Adrian Hanas of Romanian studio Ezzo Design and style , this personal selection of spaces form one more profitable job, immediately after the Fresh new, Perform -Empowering X3 Offices Style and design . The two zones – the jazz spot and the lounge club – merge colours and materials to offer you two distinct entertaining areas : “The authenticity of just about every area has been transposed by the designer's feelings and covered in two unique, special styles : the colors and the masculinity of the jazz spot and the youthful atmosphere provided by the lounge club“.
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 3 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Geared up to construct an elegant, fresh new atmosphere close to a hundred men and women, Jazzissimo Lounge also has a number of other tricky to overlook capabilities, photographed by Andi Popescu: “If we require into thing to consider the jazz location, properly the complete ambiance is drowned in cultured hues and shapes, through organic components these as wood and leather-based : in other terms Earth Green colour and the subtle character of round formed wood which make investments absolutely nothing but refinement. In the jazz region there is concealed a VIP cigarette smoking lounge, all covered in whiskey steam and very good cigars, innovative talks, catchy ganders and meticulous smiles which all lead to British fashion. Above this small, intimate universe, we see the phase, a helpful welcoming spot for the artists, which is also supplying one particular of the most specialists systems L-Acoustics. In this land of jazz, the toilet is hiding the existence of trombones, handed about to the gentlemen, all drowned in warm lights and hues, wearing the same air of refinement. The women's toilet is all organic, with sensitive notes, discrete lines and a contact of vintage.” In an job interview for Freshome, Stefan Lazar shared his strategies for the foreseeable future : “A thriving advancement equally personally and professionally. I yearn at making and retaining a large regular of values so that our hopes and our clients' outspoken and hidden requirements satisfy harmoniously“. After observing this job, we feel he’s on the ideal monitor, are we right ?
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 4 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 5 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 6 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 7 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 8 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 9 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 10 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 11 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 12 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 13 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 14 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 16 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 17 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 18 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 15 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 19 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 1 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 2 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 21 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom
Jazzissimo Lounge Bastion 2012 22 Fresh Timisoara Lounge Design Hiding Trombones In the Bathroom

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Puppy Proofing Your House and Home

Congratulations on your decision to get a puppy. You've done your research for the perfect breed that will fit your home and your lifestyle and now you've picked out the best of the litter from a breeder, you now need to start puppy proofing your home. This is when the hard work starts but if you take a few simple steps now before your puppy arrives it will save you time and your first day with your puppy will be less stressful, not only will you be happy and relax so will your puppy. Puppy proofing your home is very, very important for your well being, your puppy and family. If you take the time to puppy proof your house ahead of time will be able to rest easy when your new puppy arrives in your home.

So here are my top tips on how to puppy proof your house and home.

First you need to look around your home through your puppies eyes. This may sound strange but the only way you will see the dangers that lurk in every room for your puppy is to get down on all fours. The lower you can get the better. I would also recommend that you take with you a pad and a pen and jot down any potential hazards that you see.

If you write all the problems that you see down, as you go from room to room you will save yourself time in the long run. One of the easiest ways to puppy proof your home is to limit the area your puppy will be allowed to enter.

When looking round each room from your puppies perspective you need to take into consideration.

1 Low hanging wires ( puppy will have a lovely time chewing these A thick, cable protector can also be placed over the cables, to make them chew-proof.)

2 Potted plants (some plants can be very poisons to dogs so please take care)

3 Breakable ornaments should be put away in a cabinet.

4 Doors to the oven, fridge, microwave, dishwasher, tumble-dryer and washing machine should always be kept closed. Put notes on the doors to remind people to check inside before using them.

5 Shoes should be put away, if your puppy chews the laces this can be very harmful and it may cost you a fortune to keep replacing shoes.

6 Check the lower sections of bookshelves and replace any valuable books with telephone directories, or something you don't mind being a bit chewed.

7 Always put away your plastic shopping bags these are a real hazard.

8 Fit child locks on floor level kitchen cupboards, especially if there are cleaning materials and dried dog food inside.

9 Always close the toilet seat (many puppies have drowned)

10 Remove or shorten hanging tablecloths - puppies are experts in clearing a fully-laid table!

11 Shorten dangling blind and curtain cords, and keep them secure (your puppy could get tangled up and strangle itself).

12 Food scraps must always be cleared away promptly make sure you kitchen bin or trash can is substantial enough that your puppy can't knock it over. (Remember Chicken bones can be very dangerous, as they splinter when chewed and the string that can be found on joints is also irresistible and potentially deadly.)

13 Remember to remove cleaning materials in the bathroom put them in a cupboard.

14 Keep your kitchen counter tops clean and clear, so your puppy won't get in the habit of jumping up to inspect them.

15 One tip that I was given and it really helped, if you can take a blanket to the dog breeders before you pick your Lab puppy up and ask them to put it in the basket with the mum. This will be a familiar smell for the puppy and it will make it feel at home.

Why not include the whole family in the puppy proofing process give them a list and ask them to help prepare the home for your new arrival.

Puppy proofing is a serious issue and it pays to take the time to do it well. In short, to puppy proof your home means to make sure nothing dangerous is in reach, creating a safe environment for your puppy. It's your job as a responsible pet owner; to puppy proof your house to make it safe from them and to protect your belongings. If you take these few simple steps you will find your first day will be a real joy. Good luck with your puppy training journey.

Foods With Low Glycemic Index and Eating Yourself Out Of House And Home

You may hear people talk about how the shift to foods with low glycemic index is challenging. However, my experience is that folks can do so with relative ease when they have a proven track to run on. Of course, a lot of it will have to do with what you are used to eating.

If your prior diet wasn't so healthy, there's nothing wrong with slowly working your way over to foods with low glycemic index. Doing so will keep you from shocking your body. And if the change is so dramatic that you have problems, you are likely to not stick with it. You really need to do all you can to stack the deck in your favor. Foods with low glycemic index will make you feel better in a short period of time if you hang with it.

To help you make the transition successfully, consider how habits factor in. Truth is, you've made use of habits to establish the dietary patterns you now have. All we have to do is resist this habit and form a new one. If you're like me, you may have looked at how your diet has changed over time, with some food items falling by the wayside. New things come along and demand our attention.

However, you can probably also see how there is a core group of food items that make up your primary diet, right? What we want to do is get it to where foods with low glycemic index is part of that core. Once we get that to become routine through habit, we'll leave it alone and you're all set.

Of course, the fact that habit will make the foods with low glycemic index stick is the same thing we have to currently overcome. This is why you cannot overdo is and blow yourself out. Some people can quit smoking cold turkey. But that is not the norm. If you are an ambitious person who gets excited about an idea, it can be especially tempting to go all out. But I really encourage you to take it easy. The same personality that makes you excited for rapid change will make you deflated if things go sideways. Slow and steady wins the race.

Having given fair warning, I know there are some out there who will still go "all in." If you are determined to make a rapid shift, let me share some ideas that will help give you an advantage and prevent failure. One of the main things you will need to do is pretty much eat through what you have in your pantry and refrigerator. Most folks don't keep a ton of food on hand, so this shouldn't take too long. The idea here is simple, if not obvious. Once you've eliminated the bad food from your surroundings, there's nothing left to lead you astray. I guess you could say I'm advising you to "eat yourself out of house and home!"

As this point, you can make a list of foods with low glycemic index and prepare for a trip to the store. Now, you'll be gung ho at a point when you could otherwise be most vulnerable. Your enthusiasm over prospective change can help thwart the tendency to grab items off your old shopping list. If you are faithful to the list, you will be faithful to eating foods with low glycemic index, since that's all that should be in your house.

Moving House and Home Insurance

You should always consider moving house with professional removal contractors, as this will be not only more efficient, but it may also reduce the risk of damage. Just think about all the precious items you'll be removing from your family home, and you'll realise how important it is to have a smooth and accident-free house move.

Thankfully, if there is accidental damage caused by professionals during a house move, then your home insurance policy should protect you financially. This financial protection will only exist if you are moving house to a new private residence within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Any international house moving will not usually be covered on your home insurance.

You may also find that not all types of damage are covered by your home insurance. Any damage or loss to money, jewellery or to contents that are in storage will not usually be covered. You will also want to make sure that professional removal contractors pack the more delicate items from your home, as breakages and damage to china, glass, porcelain or any other delicate item of earthenware will not be covered unless it was packed by a professional.

You can reduce the risk of damage to your personal belongings whilst moving house by planning your move as much as possible. Make sure you have large supplies of bubble wrap and strong moving boxes, so that you don't have to cut corners when it comes to packaging. If you're packing the boxes yourself, you should make sure they're all labelled clearly so there is no unnecessary movement from one place to the other. If any items inside the box are fragile, this should always be marked clearly - and where possible do not over pack boxes as this could lead to the box breaking from the strain.

Moving house can be quite a stressful experience. Whilst you can take certain measures to prevent damage, it's best to avoid the stress of seeing your belongings damaged in the first place. Either make very detailed plans for the move yourself, or - even better - hire a professional contractor who will ensure your home is moved safely from A to B.

Declutter House and Home With a New Highly Effective Declutter Tool

Declutter house and home with the following highly effective declutter technique.

Gather up the clutter, let's say it's in your bedroom, and place it on your bed. When it's time for bed you will have to remove the clutter from the bed. If you are tired, which you are as it's bedtime, you probably aren't going to want to put all the clutter in it's proper place so what you do is place it on the chair that you will be using tomorrow, maybe it's the chair you use when you are at your computer or the chair you sit in when you watch TV.

Next morning guess what there's the clutter on your chair. Now you have two choices you can deal with the clutter or put it back on your bed. Are you getting the idea? Sure you can work all day on your computer but at night when you want to go to sleep you will have to once again move all the clutter to your favorite chair and on arising you will be forced to put it back onto your bed.

Very quickly you will get very tired of this ritual of moving clutter back and forth, back and forth and you will confront your clutter and deal with it.

Don't make it easy on yourself by putting all your clutter in a bag or a box so that you can pick it all up and move it in one easy swoop. Make it tough leave all the the items out so it is difficult to transport it to the chair and back to the bed, back and forth. Obviously if you make it easy with a box it will be easier to put it off. The more difficult it is the harder it is to put off. You want the difficulty of transporting it back and forth more difficult then it is to deal with the clutter.

It's like a teeter tooter or a balance. When the difficulty of NOT dealing with the clutter exceeds the difficulty of dealing with the clutter (the teeter tooter or balance tips the other direction) then and only then will you declutter house, home and bedroom. Makes total sense doesn't it? HAHAHA You've got to admit, yes it does. And the bottom line is this technique works, you will deal with it and declutter your home.

You can also declutter office and car with this method.

In your car put any clutter on the drivers seat. Man talk about a nuisance.

To declutter your office put the clutter in the way so it will be such a nuisance for you that you will eventually have to deal with it. You could put it right smack on your desk where you do all your work so you have to move your chair or your body to a more awkward position in order to get your work done. If you don't work at a desk you'll figure something out.

Modern Kitchen Inspiration

The present interior design of the kitchen is a blend of modern design with minimalist but they are inspiring each other to create a new harmony in love many people in general as it seemed at once charming and clean and also privileged.

Variety of patterns and motifs that can make your home interior design inspired by, in this under several designs and solid colors.

Modern concept of equally adapted human lifestyles nowadays who want all-round practical and not spend a lot of money but produce good work. But the more modern style elements of an impact on science and technology without any other design element.
Actually, besides the kitchen to cook as well as a handy place to put certain tools, and kitchen are also often used to gather with family members.
May this be your reference for inspired and developed the concept of interior design of your kitchen, thank you.

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Vacation Home Creative Design

Design is designed by artists from this country is australia kangaroos, have a creative concept, although the house is also for the melt. The unique design of this house is such a weird tunnel if people saw the cloud, but the interior could build this design is fantastic and special.

With building materials of wood, and asbestos that Indonesian people say. work that is very creative and innovative in an outstanding work.

Concepts that permeate rural of this design, will create a calm environment neutral, natural and comfortable fit with impressive views of natural bushland, while the fan shape with a solid architecture gives the orthodox camp with a certain elegance and very attractive when viewed by the eye.

Large windows open space side of the building to allow air ventilation through the sub tropical house, with a forked ventilation located at one end of the tubular tunnel house, creation starts to look a little less like a like a jet engine aircraft, the design is silly but it provides a peaceful atmosphere.

Comfortable atmosphere to match the area to make residents feel in a beautiful. may be useful and provide a reference for fans of the home and interior design enthusiasts below some examples of designs that have been prepared, let us consider one by one.

Source :

FI House Design from Merida

Interior design was developed in a very small village that is in Merida, Spain. with the concept of a special design then so be it F1 House which is a dwelling that is magnificent.

From the corner of the room look open house all overlooking the Swimming Pool concept is fitted, the windows are installed with the open surrounded by various plants around the home or residential home makes it a favorite and can really make the reference for an architecture that will be developed.

Into the pool "heart" of the home is the dream of everyone, but it's not easy to work hard to obtain maximum results and in accordance with what is in want, all the space around it, that when a window is opened, the living room, hall, dining room, kitchen and terrace are combined in a modern and dynamic concept. This scheme, in the center of the page is open, from the point north, south west will all this lead to the pool.
In da house interior TV space and space to relax and do the rest of everyday life, this design is very specific and special.

Contrast material in each element of the house. Structural elements are covered with heavy stone contrasts with the light from the window and with a strong texture drunk concrete, the structure of the dwelling house is made of concrete and metal making it very hard in the event of a quake is very safe and comfortable. may be useful to readers and developing more concepts that you want.

Source :

Swimming Pool Minimalist

several concepts that must be understood in a minimalist build a swimming pool is the size of the land to create a pool, the architecture must be developed and made ​​the design is useful and beneficial.

Design a beautiful swimming pool, convenient, efficient, coompatible and steady is the choice of every person.
A paradise for enthusiasts of this pool is a natural and minimalist concept and comfort are guaranteed 100% range of the park around the venue to make the eye feel more comfortable.

swimming with colors like ocean blue water with a variety of grasses that surround the park and it will feel cool, there are also features that can make us fascinated with this interior design.

Under this concept could apply and renovate and hopefully can help you in developing a reference to a more minimalist, may be useful for us all, thank you.


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